What is Kadasig?

Kadasig Aid & Development Inc (KAID) is a voluntary group based in Australia which works to assist in the improvement of life for children and families in the Philippines.

The sponsorship program is an extremely positive way to assist a child and their family. ALL money donated is forwarded. Our programmes which have been operating for over 20 years in Cebu, are auspiced by the Good Sheperd Sisters and we also sponsor similar programmes in Manila.

The recipients are families in great need where it is assessed that the education of usually one but sometimes two children would make an enormous difference to the family as a whole.

KAID works with the dedicated staff at the Kadasig Centre, Cebu whose job it is to distribute the funds as needed and to monitor the child’s progress. This is a unique opportunity to directly improve the life of a child and their family. We know that sponsorship works, as we have witnessed the amazing difference it can make for a child.

KAID also offers assistance in such areas as training women in sewing, massage, crop management, cooking and general management. The focus is total care, assistance and empowerment for the family.

The purpose of education

In the Philippines, education is of vital importance, without it, the cycle of poverty remains. Education leads to employment and empowerment, particularly college, diploma or vocational training.

There have been many success stories over the years of the programmes. Graduates that have been successful in developing their careers, now assist their own families along with contributing back to the centre.

Involvement with your Sponsor Child/Family

As a sponsor you are encouraged to write to your sponsor child and, if you wish, send gifts. These need to be reasonably small and practical. For example backpack, school equipment, plastic crockery, calculators, watch, t-shirts and general clothing with an Australian focus. For further information please refer to the KAID Guidelines for Sponsors.