Sponsorship Program

What your sponsorship money goes towards . . .

And what does it cost?

We have children waiting on our lists for sponsors so we would welcome inquiries at any time.

Sponsors will receive background information about their child and his/her family and a photograph of the child. The children will write at least twice a year to sponsors. Sponsors may write to their sponsor child as per the Guidelines received at the time of commencing sponsoring.ALL money paid for sponsorship is forwarded to the relevant Centre for the child and his/her family. Cost of postage, sending money etc is covered by membership, donations and fundraising.

Children are regularly monitored, especially in participation at school and extracurricular activities where necessary. The social workers of the sponsorship programs maintain regular contact with families and all families are expected to take part in arranged activities.

We often suggest to sponsors that if their sponsor child intends to continue on to college that perhaps you could ask family members and/or friends to join you in the sponsorship to ensure completion of studies which will lead to employment.

Sponsorship money can be paid either by cheque or direct debit into the bank account of Kadasig Aid & Development.

Fay Sinclair is now the Sponsorship Co-Ordinator and she will work with Vikki Mead who will be responsible for the sending of invoices and sponsorship accounting. Anne Bowman and Sharon Powell will assist Fay in the running of this important program.

If you have any queries about your sponsorship please contact Fay on: