Purchasing of land in Barili

There is no doubt that a family living on their own piece of land makes a real difference. So many of our families are squatters so live with the possible threat of being thrown off the area that they have called home, some for many years. Currently we have quite a few in that position.

With this in mind Kadasig has been raising funds to purchase land over the past couple of years. Kadasig Cebu has now purchased approximately 2000 square metres. This has taken place as lots have become available for sale. Luckily they are all connected or nearby in Barili.

To start this project 12 families are being given their own lot of 50 square metres to build their own house & have some land to either grow vegetables, fruit or have piglets or goats. All this is to work towards self sufficiency and empowerment. Each family is responsible for the construction of their own house. We are making contact with sponsor families to ask if they are able to make a contribution towards the cost of their construction and septic tank. We hope to continue purchasing land as the safety and security of land ownership for families, be it a small lot, is so important.

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