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‘Caring for Children Today…….. Building Dreams For Tomorrow’

There have been some changes to the administration of the Kadasig Sponsorship Program. Erin Pearson is no longer the Co-Ordinator, we thank Erin for her time and effort during her time in this role.

Fay Sinclair is now the Sponsorship Co-Ordinator and she will work with Vikki Mead who will be responsible for the sending of invoices and sponsorship accounting. Anne Bowman and Sharon Powell will assist Fay in the running of this important program. If you have any queries about your sponsorship please contact Fay – Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 0425-732-992 and Home: 03 9354-1092

If you know anybody who would like to sponsor please contact Fay as we are in need of more sponsors. Due to the change of the Philippine education system to six years secondary schooling (it was four years), extra pressure has been put on the family of these students. With this in mind the Committee decided, that it would be helpful for some of our secondary students to have two sponsors to assist with the extra finances required.

Glenys Gayfer is travelling to the Philippines for her usual annual trip leaving this November 28. If you would like to send a letter/gift with her for your sponsor child/family please send to her at 5aMayona Road, Montmorency. It MUST be SMALL and LIGHT! Please get to her no later than November 21. If you wish to speak to Glenys her mobile is: 0411 196 395.

Thank you sincerely for your support to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos.

Salamat po

Josh and Anushka’s visit to the Philippines

Josh travelled with the last group trip and had some amazing experiences that he felt were important in his life. Currently Josh and Anushka who are studying Biomedicine, are in the Philippines assisting where they can with our Australian volunteer nurse friend Val Smith-Orr. They are staying with Val in Zambales over 2 hours drive from Manila. We are all looking forward to hearing their stories on their return.

Josh spent 5 days in Cebu working with the Kadasig staff and renewing friendships. The reports to date have been positive and Josh has been working alongside everybody.

Kuya Jephte is coming to Australia!

Jephte came to Kadasig some years ago as a young boy. Jephte was anxious to have an education and to be a part of Kadasig after the closure of the Christian Children’s Fund which was previously supporting his education.

As is expected of all Kadasig sponsored families, Jephte’s family was happy to be part of the organisation and to participate in Kadasig activities. Jephte showed great potential as a student himself as well as a skill in working with young children. He went on to become a Youth Leader at Kadasig.

With the support of Kadasig Jepthe completed his primary and secondary school and is now studying social work at college. This is certainly his main focus now and he will complete this degree in two years. As well as studying Jephte works at the Kadasig Centre part time and assists his two brothers and father with their needs.

Kadasig is extremely proud of all that Jephte has achieved.

Jephte was in Australia for World Youth Day in Sydney in 2009 and is now joining Ms Emely in travelling back to Australia to present their paper on Kadasig’s work at the World Social Work Conference in Melbourne. We are delighted to have Jephte back in Australia and will work with him for his bright future in social work within Kadasig. Have fun Jephte and enjoy the Australian way of life, spend time with your many friends here in Melbourne and thank you for all you do.

If you would like to meet Jephte at one of the events while he is in Melbourne, contact Glenys on [email protected] or 0411 196 395. Jephte will be presenting at the Annual Kadasig Dinner on July 19th read more here.

Ms Emely- Kadasigs Social Worker is coming to Australia

Ms Emely Alcoseba is a social worker with many years experience. Emely has devoted her whole life to children and the poor. Emely has worked with Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) in Cebu and was also connected to the Good Shepherd Sisters (GSS) with some of their projects.

When CCF ceased working in Cebu in Emely was approached by the GSS to co-ordinate the Kadasig Parents Association (KAPAI) which had been formed by the GSS. It was at that time that the connection with Australia and KAPAI, which was a very small program at that time, was developed further and has grown to what it is today.

Kadasig has gone on to maintain & grow the educational sponsorship program and expand into livelihood, the purchasing of land, parent & child development and Friendship School programs. This has all been done by Emely with her great knowledge, experience and commitment to assist those in need.

Emely has a wonderful ability to negotiate with all parties where necessary to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible with community participation. Emely is a great believer in the community working together and that is the basis of the Kadasig programs.

Kadasig is extremely fortunate to have Emely managing the Centre in Cebu and all its many areas of operation. We are thrilled to have her here in Australia with Jepthe (read about Jephte here) to attend the World Conference on Social Work, Education & Social Development and to have been selected to give a paper on their work. Congratulations and enjoy your stay and meeting with all your Australian friends Emely.

If you would like to meet Emely at one of the events here while she is here contact Glenys on [email protected] or 0411 196 395. Emely will be speaking of her work at the Annual Kadasig Dinner on July 19th read more here.

Kadasig to Present at Social Work Conference!

Emely and Jepthe, two crucially important members of the Kadasig Team in Cebu have been accepted to present an abstract at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Development ( in Melbourne in July, 2014. They will be presenting under the theme of Fostering Economic Initiatives- Poverty Reduction and discussing some of the very successful projects at Kadasig that are working towards sustainability and empowerment of both individual and community.

We are so proud of Emely and Jepthe and so excited to have them coming to Australia that we have even brought forward the Annual Dinner to July (Saturday 19th) so that they can attend and speak to our guests there.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to spend time and open their homes while our visitors are in Australia. Kadasig still needs to cover the cost of bringing Emely and Jepthe to Australia. If you would like to help support this endeavour, please donate via the donations page with description “conference” and your surname. Even a $10 donation will make a big difference to add up to paying for their flights.

Thank you for your support and we hope you can attend the dinner to meet Emely and Jepthe. Feel free to contact Glenys on 0411 196 395 or email [email protected] if you would like to hear more about their visit, the abstract, the dinner or donating.

Newspaper fame

Kadasig found it’s way into the May edition of The Philippine Times! Check out the article that advertisers the upcoming Kadasig Annual Dinner. Some of the Kadasig committee members made it onto page 2 of The Philippine Times when they were spotted supporting another Philippine Organisation’s Dinner on April 5 at Ferraro Receptions, which is where our annual dinner will be held also. See the article HERE.

Emergency Relief- Solar Lights

Flyer for display in schools and workplaces

Kadasig has ordered the first 1000 lights to go to the people of Bohol, Leyte & northern Cebu. They should be there in a couple of weeks. Having lived with these Mandarin Solar Lights whilst in Patupat, Barili constructing school classrooms, the Kadasig Crew know these lights will assist the suffering. They will assist in the short term and the long term as they last for 5 years. Kadasig has connected with a fellow NGO who have people on the ground to deliver these lights.

We will be sending another order of lights shortly so any support you can give to this next shipment would be wonderful. Each solar light is only $10 and can make an enormous difference. See the post below for information on how to donate.

You may like to further assist Kadasig by placing information in your school or workplace, so that others may also donate. Click on the flyer to right, print it out and hang it up with pride. Schools have had fundraising days, workplaces solar light drives, tell us about any ideas you might have or contact us for help with planning.

We are grateful for all the support we have received to date. Together we can assist those suffering from Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as it is known in the Philippines.

Super Typhoon Haiyan

On Friday 8th November, Super Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. It is one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded and it ripped through the centre of the Philippines, sustaining winds of 250km/h. 2,300 people have been killed with estimates up to 10,000. The UN estimates 11 million people have been affected and 600,000 left homeless. These survivors have been left without life’s basic needs; food, water and shelter. The typhoon ripped through the power lines of 30 of the Philippines 119 electric co-ops. There is no power in many areas and the lights will be out for a long time to come.

The children, families and staff at Kadasig are all safe and accounted for. As are the Australian volunteers who were in Cebu at the time the typhoon hit. Our thoughts are very much with those who have been affected. There is a great need now for emergency aid, food, repair and rebuilding.

Kadasig is pulling together to try and make an effort to support those in so much need. It is certainly a mammoth effort and even the Philippine government is struggling to coordinate efforts. The Australian government has donated $30 million to date.

So what can we do? Imagine darkness falls, you have no bed, no food, no home, no light. Even though our organisation is small, we can still help. Kadasig has in the past sent Manadarin Solar Lights in the thousands to the families in Cebu and other organisations that Kadasig supports. Read more here. The solar lights have made a difference for so many in the past and we know will be of enormous benefit to the people affected by the typhoon. Kadasig does not have the ability to supply food and water, although we know those are the primary needs, however we can supply light, to those suffering most in Leyte and Bohol. This renewable energy source is safe, durable, effective and free for the families with no need for replacement batteries or recharging and lasts up to 5 years. Each light costs only $10 Australian. We hope to send as many as possible. We have until Tuesday to raise the funds (ADDITION: Thank you to everyone who already donated we sent the first shipment of 1000 lights on Tuesday 19th November. We are still raising money though for a second shipment so please don’t stop donating!). If you can help by donating $10 for one light you can make a difference for one family. Or perhaps you can manage a little bit more and affect the lives of many.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

― Edward Everett Hale

If you would like to make a donation towards the typhoon relief fund, you can donate money to:

    Account name: Kadasig No 2 Account

    BSB 083276

    Account no. 172040420

    Reference : typhoon “your name”

Thank you to everyone for your kindness and ongoing support.

Solar Light Update

The first shipment of 1000 solar lights was received in Cebu at the end of February. All families associated with Kadasig were given two lights. The feedback has been resoundingly positive. All are finding them easy to use and so much safer than the previously used oil lamps or candles, they are also saving money and help them to feel safe walking around at night. Each light costs $10 and thank you to the Kadasig community in Australia for raising the funds for these lights. It really is $10 well spent.

The second shipment of 600 lights will be delivered to Manila in about 5 weeks. Kadasig joined with the Columban Priests to raise money for these. The lights will be divided between different communities in the Philippines, all working with the desperately poor. 300 lights will go to the Preda Foundation (People’s Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance) run by Fr Shay Cullen in Olongapo –, 100 to the Good Shepherd Sisters community of Damayan in Malabon, 100 to a Columban lay missionary working with women in Novaliches and 100 to our dear friend Val, the Australian volunteer nurse, for the very poor families she works with in Zambales.

These lights really are making an insurmountable difference. With this in mind we will continue to collect money to go towards this project on an ongoing basis. If you would like to support this project or your school or workplace would like to get involved please contact Glenys Gayfer at [email protected]

Purchasing of land in Barili

There is no doubt that a family living on their own piece of land makes a real difference. So many of our families are squatters so live with the possible threat of being thrown off the area that they have called home, some for many years. Currently we have quite a few in that position.

With this in mind Kadasig has been raising funds to purchase land over the past couple of years. Kadasig Cebu has now purchased approximately 2000 square metres. This has taken place as lots have become available for sale. Luckily they are all connected or nearby in Barili.

To start this project 12 families are being given their own lot of 50 square metres to build their own house & have some land to either grow vegetables, fruit or have piglets or goats. All this is to work towards self sufficiency and empowerment. Each family is responsible for the construction of their own house. We are making contact with sponsor families to ask if they are able to make a contribution towards the cost of their construction and septic tank. We hope to continue purchasing land as the safety and security of land ownership for families, be it a small lot, is so important.