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Fire has destroyed homes of our Kadasig family- URGENT ASSISTANCE REQUIRED

On Sunday the 14th of January, 2018, a fire blazed in the community of Pasil, Cebu City razing 300 homes and affecting more than 1,000 people. Some of the members of the Kadasig community live in this area and have sadly lost their homes and have been displaced. Read more about the blaze here…

Jephte, one of our soon to graduate sponsor recipients, has had a large area of his family home burnt, the only option being to demolish the house. A staff member has had serious damage to her home also.

Dexter, a past Kadasig sponsor graduate who is now a social worker, has lost everything! He has a family of 3 small children.

Many, many others have lost their homes – 4 children and 1 adult died in the blaze.

They need to start all over again.

Are you able to donate money to assist them?

To deposit with Kadasig the details are: Kadasig Aid & Development, BSB083276, A/c No: 172040420, Reference: Fire

For those who wish a tax deductible receipt please deposit your donation at: ASIAC OS Fund, BSB: 062028, A/c No: 905951, Reference: Fire

As well as sending money we are collecting aid to send over in balikbayan boxes as they have to start from scratch! Please watch this space for updates over the coming days. We will put a list together and will post anything needed as we hear more.

Please contact Glenys: [email protected] or 0411 196 395 for any queries.

Thank you for your support.

Merry Christmas from Kadasig

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. Thank you for all of your support and contributions to Kadasig and the children of the Philippines in 2017. We look forward to new adventures with you next year. 

2017 Christmas Hamper Drive – YOU DID IT!

UPDATE (20/12/2017): Thank you and congratulations to the Kadasig Community for your incredible support this Christmas. We have sold 212 Christmas Hampers! Well and truely over our target of 160 and more than we have ever sold before. Thank You, THANK YOU! So many families will have a wonderful Christmas day thanks to you.

Kadasig Aid & Development are excited to announce the 2017 Christmas Hamper Drive is here. Sponsors, supporters and anybody looking for a gift with a difference, you may be interested in purchasing Christmas Hampers and Gift Certificates. These provide food for a family during the festive season.

Kadasig Christmas Hampers are just $40 each.

Hamper contents include 5kg rice, spam, fresh fruit and vegetables, long life milk, milo and fresh meat. There is often a special something for the family and kids too, for example a blanket or towels.

As an alternative Kadasig Gift Certificates can be gifted for the following projects and livelihood essentials:

    A piglet, sty & set up – $60

    Solar lights for security – $10 each

    Medical care – $30

    House repairs – $50

    Summer camp – $40

When you use our gift vouchers to gift something to your loved one, not only will you give warm Christmas fuzzies to someone you know, you’ll be helping to alleviate poverty for good.

To organise your gift voucher or for more information please contact either Juanita or Maree by phone, email or SMS.

Juanita Trommel 0409 514 565, Email: [email protected], or

Maree Kulkens: 0430 549 516, Email: [email protected]

To purchase items as above please transfer the dollar value to the Kadasig Account

    Account Name. Kadasig No 2 Account

    Account no. 172040420 BSB. 083276

    Transaction Description: YOUR SURNAME & ITEM eg 2HAMPERS

Please note if you are a Kadasig Sponsor and would like to purchase a Christmas Hamper in particular for your sponsor child and their family, please let us know.

Congratulations to the Kadasig Graduates of 2017!

The Philippine school year has just ended and we would like to take this opportunity to say a great big WELL DONE to our two college graduates for 2017, Clarice and Ylarmel.

The photo to left of Clarice and Ylarmel together. Below Clarice speaks of her memories of Kadasig and the opportunities this presented here with. She says that she now stands with pride thanks to Kadasig as she is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

In addition:

  • 14 Kadasig sponsored children have completed Secondary School.
  • 22 Kadasig sponsored children have completed Primary School.

  • Thank you to our dedicated sponsors for making this possible!

    Japanese FEAST Fundraising Dinner

    Thank you to everyone who came along to the all-you-can-eat fundraising feast earlier this year. What a wonderful night and money raised went to purchasing solar lights.

    Watch this little photo collage here:

    Kadasig Trivia Night- A huge success!

    We had an amazing fundraising event on Saturday 15 October at the St Francis Xavier School Hall in Montmorency – our first Trivia Night.

    There were so many laughs and a great atmosphere, a night truly enjoyed by all who attended.

    The Little Jeepney put on an amazing spread – with lumpia, beef kaldereta, chicken adobo, BBQ pork skewers and some amazing ube leche cake.

    Special thanks to all those who came, and to those who assisted at our event, namely Adrian Rimmer for being our MC and Tom and Iain for all the IT and Trivia assistance.

    We would also like to say huge thank you to our sponsors and contributors: Robyn & Peter Desmond, Philippine Tours, Hardie Grant, Crumpler, Arts Centre Melbourne and of course, The Little Jeepney.

    For more great photos CLICK HERE!

    SPONSORSHIP UPDATE November 2016

    ‘Caring for Children Today…….. Building Dreams For Tomorrow’

    There have been some changes to the administration of the Kadasig Sponsorship Program. Erin Pearson is no longer the Co-Ordinator, we thank Erin for her time and effort during her time in this role.

    Fay Sinclair is now the Sponsorship Co-Ordinator and she will work with Vikki Mead who will be responsible for the sending of invoices and sponsorship accounting. Anne Bowman and Sharon Powell will assist Fay in the running of this important program. If you have any queries about your sponsorship please contact Fay – Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 0425-732-992 and Home: 03 9354-1092

    If you know anybody who would like to sponsor please contact Fay as we are in need of more sponsors. Due to the change of the Philippine education system to six years secondary schooling (it was four years), extra pressure has been put on the family of these students. With this in mind the Committee decided, that it would be helpful for some of our secondary students to have two sponsors to assist with the extra finances required.

    Glenys Gayfer is travelling to the Philippines for her usual annual trip leaving this November 28. If you would like to send a letter/gift with her for your sponsor child/family please send to her at 5aMayona Road, Montmorency. It MUST be SMALL and LIGHT! Please get to her no later than November 21. If you wish to speak to Glenys her mobile is: 0411 196 395.

    Thank you sincerely for your support to make a difference in the lives of Filipinos.

    Salamat po

    Josh and Anushka’s visit to the Philippines

    Josh travelled with the last group trip and had some amazing experiences that he felt were important in his life. Currently Josh and Anushka who are studying Biomedicine, are in the Philippines assisting where they can with our Australian volunteer nurse friend Val Smith-Orr. They are staying with Val in Zambales over 2 hours drive from Manila. We are all looking forward to hearing their stories on their return.

    Josh spent 5 days in Cebu working with the Kadasig staff and renewing friendships. The reports to date have been positive and Josh has been working alongside everybody.

    Kuya Jephte is coming to Australia!

    Jephte came to Kadasig some years ago as a young boy. Jephte was anxious to have an education and to be a part of Kadasig after the closure of the Christian Children’s Fund which was previously supporting his education.

    As is expected of all Kadasig sponsored families, Jephte’s family was happy to be part of the organisation and to participate in Kadasig activities. Jephte showed great potential as a student himself as well as a skill in working with young children. He went on to become a Youth Leader at Kadasig.

    With the support of Kadasig Jepthe completed his primary and secondary school and is now studying social work at college. This is certainly his main focus now and he will complete this degree in two years. As well as studying Jephte works at the Kadasig Centre part time and assists his two brothers and father with their needs.

    Kadasig is extremely proud of all that Jephte has achieved.

    Jephte was in Australia for World Youth Day in Sydney in 2009 and is now joining Ms Emely in travelling back to Australia to present their paper on Kadasig’s work at the World Social Work Conference in Melbourne. We are delighted to have Jephte back in Australia and will work with him for his bright future in social work within Kadasig. Have fun Jephte and enjoy the Australian way of life, spend time with your many friends here in Melbourne and thank you for all you do.

    If you would like to meet Jephte at one of the events while he is in Melbourne, contact Glenys on [email protected] or 0411 196 395. Jephte will be presenting at the Annual Kadasig Dinner on July 19th read more here.

    Ms Emely- Kadasigs Social Worker is coming to Australia

    Ms Emely Alcoseba is a social worker with many years experience. Emely has devoted her whole life to children and the poor. Emely has worked with Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) in Cebu and was also connected to the Good Shepherd Sisters (GSS) with some of their projects.

    When CCF ceased working in Cebu in Emely was approached by the GSS to co-ordinate the Kadasig Parents Association (KAPAI) which had been formed by the GSS. It was at that time that the connection with Australia and KAPAI, which was a very small program at that time, was developed further and has grown to what it is today.

    Kadasig has gone on to maintain & grow the educational sponsorship program and expand into livelihood, the purchasing of land, parent & child development and Friendship School programs. This has all been done by Emely with her great knowledge, experience and commitment to assist those in need.

    Emely has a wonderful ability to negotiate with all parties where necessary to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible with community participation. Emely is a great believer in the community working together and that is the basis of the Kadasig programs.

    Kadasig is extremely fortunate to have Emely managing the Centre in Cebu and all its many areas of operation. We are thrilled to have her here in Australia with Jepthe (read about Jephte here) to attend the World Conference on Social Work, Education & Social Development and to have been selected to give a paper on their work. Congratulations and enjoy your stay and meeting with all your Australian friends Emely.

    If you would like to meet Emely at one of the events here while she is here contact Glenys on [email protected] or 0411 196 395. Emely will be speaking of her work at the Annual Kadasig Dinner on July 19th read more here.