Livelihood Program

This is an ever growing area of Kadasig, which is developing more and more each year. These programs focus on developing skills to alleviate poverty. It may be in the area of hog raising, goat rearing, raising of chickens for sale, camote, peanut, corn and eggplant growing to mention a few. There are a number of families who are sewing rags for sale whilst there is also bread, cake & cookie making at the centre in Cebu. The latest addition is an eatery in front of the centre which is proving very successful.

There are many ways to assist families to earn an income, to work towards improvement in their life situation. Often an initial financial start, working with those who have knowledge and sharing within the community, is all that is needed to make an enormous difference and change in a family’s life.


The Livelihood Projects (below) are a great start to giving a family a chance to work, earn and grow and make a real effort towards independence.

Basic Needs

These items are provided to families involved in the Livelihood and Sponsorship Programs in times of emergency and to assist them on their path to self sufficiency.
25kg sack of rice $35

Menstrual hygiene kit $20

House repairs $40

Medical care

donation to value of your choice, some examples of what your donation might cover . . .

  • $10 – course of antibiotics
  • $20 – x-ray
  • $30 – wound dressings
  • $50 – ultrasound scan
  • $100 – hospital admission
  • Seasonal

    summer camp

    This year we are offering an additional seasonal Christmas item:

    Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner $10

    Perhaps you might like to gift one of these items twice not only to a family in the Philippines but also to a friend or family member here. Just request a gift voucher to be posted out to you. In the past we have had people request gift vouchers for birthday presents, Kris Kringle presents, to go under the tree, table settings for each guest or just because, for that person who has everything. How would you use one?

    Examples of the gift certificates below:

    For more information and to organise your gift voucher please contact Glenys via email at [email protected] or call Glenys on 0411 196 395.
    If you wish to get involved, send one of these items or make a donation towards them please click here   >