Kuya Jephte is coming to Australia!

Jephte came to Kadasig some years ago as a young boy. Jephte was anxious to have an education and to be a part of Kadasig after the closure of the Christian Children’s Fund which was previously supporting his education.

As is expected of all Kadasig sponsored families, Jephte’s family was happy to be part of the organisation and to participate in Kadasig activities. Jephte showed great potential as a student himself as well as a skill in working with young children. He went on to become a Youth Leader at Kadasig.

With the support of Kadasig Jepthe completed his primary and secondary school and is now studying social work at college. This is certainly his main focus now and he will complete this degree in two years. As well as studying Jephte works at the Kadasig Centre part time and assists his two brothers and father with their needs.

Kadasig is extremely proud of all that Jephte has achieved.

Jephte was in Australia for World Youth Day in Sydney in 2009 and is now joining Ms Emely in travelling back to Australia to present their paper on Kadasig’s work at the World Social Work Conference in Melbourne. We are delighted to have Jephte back in Australia and will work with him for his bright future in social work within Kadasig. Have fun Jephte and enjoy the Australian way of life, spend time with your many friends here in Melbourne and thank you for all you do.

If you would like to meet Jephte at one of the events while he is in Melbourne, contact Glenys on [email protected] or 0411 196 395. Jephte will be presenting at the Annual Kadasig Dinner on July 19th read more here.

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