Friendship Schools

The Friendship School Program was established by Kadasig over 4 years ago to enable Australian school students to connect with students in poor schools in the Philippines. This program is one of sharing, caring for others, and developing friendships. The Australian students provide all the basic school requirements such as pens, pencils, school books, uniforms, and sanitary needs for the whole school.

Kadasig is proud to have partnered the following friendship schools:
• St Francis Xavier Primary, Montmorency, Australia with Buhisan Elementary, Philippines
• Holy Trinity Primary, Eltham North, Australia with Poog Elementary, Philippines
• St Kevin’s Primary, Templestowe, Australia with Patupat Elementary, Philippines
• St Gregory the Great Primary, Doncaster, Australia with Sayaw Elementary, Philippines
• St Elizabeth Primary, Dandenong North, Australia with Matutinao Elementary, Philippines
• St Kevin’s Primary, Hampton Park, Australia with Japitan Elementary, Philippines

Kadasig is excited to announce our very first Kindergarten partnership:
• Glover St Kindergarten, East Bentleigh, Australia with Phase V Day Care Centre, Philippines

If you are interested in learning more about the Friendship School Program or would like to become an Australian Friendship School please contact Glenys Gayfer on [email protected] or 0411 196 395