2018 Kadasig Camp is fast approaching!

Did you know that Kadasig hosts a camp for our sponsorsed children? At the end of every school year, during the summer break the Kadasig centre staff take the sponsored children and young adults away for six days. 

Take a moment and think about what camp meant to you as a child. Now try your hardest to imagine you have never been to the beach, never seen the ocean, possibly never left the community you were born into. This is an almost impossible endevour for anyone who has grown up in Australia. Many of us go to the beach all of the time and school camps are a given. To our sponsored children in the Philippines to go the beach is a really special experience and for a lot of Kadasig sponsored children it really is the first time they have ever had the opportunity to go to the beach. 

Kadasig camp is different each year but often includes:

    Swimming- free time and lessons, many children have never been swimming before 

    Dance lessons 

    Martial arts classes

    Games- eg treasure hunts, relay races

    Leadership activities

    Child development activities- small groups are facilitated by a group leader- often Kadasig graduates.

Many of the activities are facilitated by Kadasig staff and graduates. However for specific activities specialist teachers are brought in, for example qualified swimming teachers.

Although camp is great fun, and filled with a variety of activities it also includes some down time. Children attend skill based sessions as well as those on important issues such as on self worth, child abuse, public speaking, team work and the rights of the child. Each child is given the opportunity and time to talk about anything they like. This is often a time where children can safely disclose any issues or problems that they are experiencing in their lives. 

This is a time when the children no longer have to complete their jobs and responsibilities at home, including caring for younger siblings, carrying water up the mountain, working the land. The most talked about memory of camp is that the children are served milk every morning and milk with milo every night! It is a wonderful treat.

You can send a child to camp for just $40. This covers absolutely everything, including transport to and from camp, accommodation, all food, all activities and lessons and ofcourse milk and milo!

One of the wonderful outcomes of camp is that the children meet other sponsored children from different areas of Cebu and wonderful new friendships grow. Consider sending a child to camp today! 

If would like to send a child to camp, please transfer $40 to the below account:

    Account Name. Kadasig No 1 Account    

    Account no. 822436380

    BSB. 083276

    Transaction Description: Your name and camp eg. “Smith Camp”

If you have any questions about camp please feel free to contact Glenys Gayfer on:

0411 196 395 or

[email protected]

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