2018 Christmas Hamper Drive

Kadasig Aid & Development are excited to announce the 2018 Christmas Hamper Drive is here. Sponsors, supporters and anybody looking for a gift with a difference, you may be interested in purchasing Christmas Hampers and Gift Certificates. These provide food for a family during the festive season.

Kadasig Christmas Hampers are just $40 each.

Hamper contents include 5kg rice, spam, fresh fruit and vegetables, long life milk, milo and fresh meat. There is often a special something for the family and kids too, for example a blanket or towels.

As an alternative Kadasig Gift Certificates can be gifted for the following projects and livelihood essentials:

    25kg sack of rice $35

    Menstrual hygiene kit $20

    Medical care – $20

    House repairs – $40

    Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner $10

    Send a child to summer camp – $40

When you use our gift vouchers to gift something to your loved one, not only will you give warm Christmas fuzzies to someone you know, you’ll be helping to alleviate poverty for good.

This year for the first time we will be offering electronic gift certificates, in addition to the usual printed certificates.

To organise your gift voucher or for more information please contact either Juanita or Maree by phone, email or SMS.

Juanita Trommel 0409 514 565, Email: [email protected], or

Maree Kulkens: 0430 549 516, Email: [email protected]

To purchase items as above please transfer the dollar value to the Kadasig Account

    Account Name. Kadasig No 2 Account

    Account no. 172040420 BSB. 083276

    Transaction Description: YOUR SURNAME & ITEM eg 2HAMPERS

Please note if you are a Kadasig Sponsor and would like to purchase a Christmas Hamper in particular for your sponsor child and their family, please let us know.

Did you know that 100% of profits raised from the Kadasig Christmas Drive each year goes directly to the cause! Now that is festive!